To be a poet one needs the six P’s – the pencil, the paper, the perception, the passion, the persistence and the unshakable persuasion that the poem is in fact possible and attainable. - Grace Perry

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gilbert's of Mittagong - tea party

How one's mind wanders when it should be focused on writing an honours thesis.

I don't drink coffee so when I am in the cafe for my poet residency I sip on herbal teas, one of which is called tea party. I just wrote this today so as per usual, this is a first draft. Please offer any commentary you might have.

Tea party
            A party of tea
Tea discoing down my throat a do I look hot
                                    Shimmy giggling with the remnants
            Of tequila days past
                        Tea streamers tickling nostrils
Lingering come and get me and with a flick
                                                Of hair
                        Tea booty shakes in a flourish of teapot
And cup
Even the saucer gets a lick
Warm and giddy tea drums my mind – faster faster
Slow – lights up after sex
cigarette plumes float in my belly
                        tea drunk I am spent but
tea tea parties on