To be a poet one needs the six P’s – the pencil, the paper, the perception, the passion, the persistence and the unshakable persuasion that the poem is in fact possible and attainable. - Grace Perry

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gilbert's of Mittagong - tea party

How one's mind wanders when it should be focused on writing an honours thesis.

I don't drink coffee so when I am in the cafe for my poet residency I sip on herbal teas, one of which is called tea party. I just wrote this today so as per usual, this is a first draft. Please offer any commentary you might have.

Tea party
            A party of tea
Tea discoing down my throat a do I look hot
                                    Shimmy giggling with the remnants
            Of tequila days past
                        Tea streamers tickling nostrils
Lingering come and get me and with a flick
                                                Of hair
                        Tea booty shakes in a flourish of teapot
And cup
Even the saucer gets a lick
Warm and giddy tea drums my mind – faster faster
Slow – lights up after sex
cigarette plumes float in my belly
                        tea drunk I am spent but
tea tea parties on


  1. It's a fun poem about tea haha, I like it!
    Unless I'm mistaken, you might want to fix the line with "Tea discoing..." in it, besides that :)

  2. Thanks for the feedback Janet and b3tterthisway28! I had fun writing this. I'll have to play with it a bit more! What didn't you like about discoing b3tterthisway28?

  3. Love the rhythm in this one, Rhiannon - it's fantastic, the speed of it is great - and the saucer getting a lick is an image of commitment from the drinker!

    I don't drink coffee either, but nor do I drink tea, so it'd be a juice-party for me I think.

    Ashley Capes - blogger seems to want to call me anon!

  4. Rhiannon, I've never thought of herbal tea in a sexual way...but you've changed all that...! :) Thank you, I enjoy the rhythm of this piece.

  5. Thanks Ashley! I'll have to keep playing with this poem, see what I can turn it into :-)

  6. Thanks Moira! and congrats again for your poem in the poetry of place competition. It was great to hear you read that on Sunday! Hope to see you at the xmas party on the 4th of December at Gleniffer Brae, maybe you can read another poem?!