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Friday, March 28, 2014

Books I have read - To Kill a Mockingbird

It has been too long since my last blog post! I started teaching this year and I am loving the new experiences and challenges that come with being in the classroom!

I finally read To Kill a Mockingbird in January. I felt that I should read this classic novel before I started teaching, because it had been put to me as one of those novels that every English teacher has to have read. After finishing it, I wish I had of read it sooner!

It is interesting what makes a novel a classic. Stories like Anna Karenina have never been able to capture my attention, but the characters, themes and setting of To Kill a Mockingbird had me enthralled! 

The themes of racial descrmination and inequality, of differences between people and prejudice are eternal themes that will make this book always relevant and important!

There are many great book reviews out there of To Kill a Mockingbird for you to explore. 

Here are some cool teaching resources to accompany the text:

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